Lana Petru, Ed.D.

"Dr. Lulu"

EQ Certified Facilitator



Dr. Petru is an EQ Certified Facilitator specializing in the Essi Systems model of Emotional Intelligence. This model is based on a psychometric assessment tool called the EQ Map. The EQ Map allows organizations to implement change in employees behavior using a 21 day action plan to track changes in workplace. 

Dr. Petru is certified in 

DISC and other physchometric assessments. 

Dr. Petru  holds a Performance Consulting Certificate through Friesen, Kaye, and Associates. She maintains a Mediation Certificate 

through Texas State University-San Marcos and a Teaching Certificate through the Texas Education Agency. 


Dr. Petru is Co-founder of PODER2Educate which is a nonprofit dedicated to increasing parent involvement in schools. The mission of PODER2Educate is to provide parents with "little or no access", the resources and tools to connect with schools in order to increase student success. 

Dr. Petru is also President and CEO of Líder∙ology Consulting Group (LCG). LCG provides customized learning and development solutions to meet the growing needs of organizations.  

Keynotes for: 

Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) - 2018

Austin Human Resources Management  Association (AHRMA) - 2016

Assocation of Talent Development Houston - 2015

Wiomen of ALPFA - 2014